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Radiographic Findings: Abdominal serosal detail is within normal limits. The stomach contains a minimal amount of gas and is in a normal position. The liver is within normal limits. Both the right and left kidney are within normal limits. On the VD view, the spleen is within normal limits. The small intestines are uniformly fluid filled, contain small amounts of gas or are empty with no evidence of an obstructive pattern. The colon contains amorphous, granular formed material consistent with feces. The urinary bladder is within normal limits. No evidence of lymphadenopathy is identified. The extra-abdominal structures, including what can be seen of the caudal thorax, are within normal limits.



Unremarkable abdomen.

Next Steps

None as this patient did not present for abdominal signs.

Report Breakdown

Go through the entire report alongside Dr. Charles as she details each finding in the case.