Radiology Report


Radiology Report

Lateral, oblique and DV projections are available for review.

Study technique and patient positioning are adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

Lateral View
Lateral Radiograph
DV View
DV Radiograph
Lateral Oblique View
Oblique Radiograph

Dr. Charles Report


An expansile, mixed lytic and proliferative mass with rough, spiculated and irregular margins extends the entire interalveolar space from the lower incisors to the first premolar. The cortical margins of the mandible in the region of the mass are not clearly identified. There is an ill-defined, wide zone of transition between normal and abnormal bone. Mild soft tissue thickening adjacent to the mass is present.


Aggressive, monostotic mass in the interalveolar space is most consistent with a primary bone neoplasia. Given the location of the mass (mandibular) osteosarcoma is considered likely, but other primary bone tumor types cannot be ruled out.

Next Steps

Biopsy is required for definitive diagnosis. Alternatively, fine needle aspirate could also be tried in order to get a diagnostic sample.​

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