Radiology Report


Radiology Report

Lateral, VD projections are available for review.

Study technique and patient positioning are adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

VD Radiograph
Lateral Radiograph

Dr. Charles Report


Abdominal serosal detail is within normal limits. Moderate dilation of the colon, especially the descending portion, is present. The colon contains a large quantity of dehydrated, heterogenous mineral opaque fecal material.  The small intestines are uniformly gas and fluid filled with no evidence of abnormal dilation. There is a transitional 7th lumbar vertebral body and narrowing of the S3-Cd1 intervertebral disc space.  No abnormalities of the pelvis are identified. The remainder of the study, including extra-abdominal structures, is unremarkable.


Moderately dilated colon containing a large amount of dehydrated fecal material is most consistent with obstipation. Transitional lumbar vertebra as described.

Next Steps

Fluid therapy and/or enema could be considered.

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