Radiology Report


Radiology Report

Right lateral, VD and right lateral with compression abdominal projections are available for review.

Patient positioning and exam technique are adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

Right Lateral
Right lateral Paddle

Dr. Charles Report


Abdominal serosal detail is within normal limits. The liver and spleen are unremarkable. The right kidney is difficult to visualize on the lateral and VD, but in the compression image, its margins are smooth and it is normal size. In the compression view, the left kidney is enlarged with mildly undulating margins. It is causing a rightward shift of the descending colon and the small intestines. In the VD view, caudal to the left kidney, an ill-defined soft tissue opacity is seen superimposed with the small intestines. The stomach contains granular material consistent with ingesta. The small intestines are uniformly fluid filled, contain small gas pockets or are empty with no evidence of an obstructive pattern. The large colon contains gas and fecal material. The urinary bladder is unremarkable. The extra-abdominal structures are unremarkable.


Left Renomegaly and ill defined caudal left agdominal soft tissue mass. Differentials for unilateral renomegaly with mildly irregular margins include hydronephrosis, subcapsular hematoma or abscess, renal neoplasia (including lymphoma), and less likely perinephric pseudocyst (typically in older cats). The ill-deinfed soft tissue mass in the left caudal abdomen could be intestinal in origin or enlarged lymph node. Taken in combination, left renomegaly with an additional abdominal mass, lymphoma is given high consideration.

Next Steps

Abdominal ultrasound to evaluate the kidneys as well as the cadual abomen could be considered.


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