Radiology Report


Radiology Report

Right lateral, left lateral and VD thoracic projections are available for review.

Patient positioning is adequate for interpretation, but completely pulling the forelimbs forward to minimize superimposition of the forelimb musculature with the cranioventral lung fields could be considered in the future.

Study technique is adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

Alveolar Pattern Right Lateral
Alveolar Pattern VD
Alveolar Pattern Left Lateral

Dr. Charles Report


An alveolar pattern is identified in the ventral aspect of the right middle lung lobe. A mild interstitial pattern is identified in the right caudal and right cranial lung lobes as well. The cardiovascular structures are within normal limits. The thymus is noted in the cranial mediastinum. No osseous abnormalities are identified.


Alveolar pattern in the right middle lung lobe with mild interstitial pattern in the right cranial and right caudal lung lobes, most consistent with aspiration pneumonia.

Next Steps
None indicated.


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