Keeping it Real


Let’s Try something

A Marble & Sock

Go grab a small, roundish object no bigger than an egg (suggestions: marble, golf ball, ping pong ball)

While you’re grabbing that, also grab a sock (preferably clean).

Now, Let's Do a Little Experiment

Put the round object in the sock and close off the sock a couple inches above the round object. Attempt to move the object around in the toe of the sock. Now, close off the sock immediately next to the round object and attempt to move the object around in the sock.

What is the difference between the two attempts to move the object?
How can you relate the ease with which you can move the object to this case?
Do you think the mass on this horses mandible would move freely under its skin? Why or why not?


Let’s see what you’ve learned.  Take this quick post quiz to gauge your understanding of this case.  Click on the Post Quiz below.