Radiology Report


Radiology Report

A right lateral thoracic projection and a VD projection taken approximately 1.5 following thoracocentesis are available for review.

Patient positioning and exam technique are adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

Pre-Thoracocentesis Right Lateral
Post Thoracocentesis VD

Dr. Charles Report


On the initial lateral projection there is marked increased soft tissue opacity within the pleural space causing marked retraction of the lung lobes from the thoracic wall.  The lung lobe margins are mildly rounded in contour.  The cardiac silhouette is not visualized, and marked increased soft tissue opacity is superimposed over the cranial mediastinum.  There is ill defined increased soft tissue opacity visible within the partially aerated lungs within the caudodorsal thorax.  On the VD projections there is a large amount of free gas and minimal increased soft tissue opacity within the right hemithorax, with marked retraction of the right lung lobes from thoracic wall.  Moderate to marked increased soft tissue opacity is present within the left hemithorax, most severe cranially and caudally, again with retraction and rounding of lung lobes.  The cardiac silhouette is not identified, but there is mild shift of the carina to the left.  The included portions of the cranial abdomen are within normal limits.


Severe pleural effusion, partially resolved after right sided thoracocentesis, with marked iatrogenic right sided pneumothorax and moderate left sided pleural effusion post-centesis.

Next Steps

None indicated as thoracocentesis was already performed.


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