Radiology Report


Radiology Report

Lateral and VD abdominal projections are available for review.

Study technique and patient positioning are adequate for interpretation.

Patient Radiographs

VD Radiograph
Lateral Radiograph

Dr. Charles Report


Abdominal serosal detail is within normal limits. The stomach contains amorphous granular material consistent with ingesta but foreign material cannot be entirely ruled out but should be clinically correlated. The liver is unremarkable. The kidneys are difficult to visualize.  The spleen is unremarkable. The small intestines are uniformly fluid filled, contain small amounts of gas or are empty with no evidence of an obstructive pattern. The colon contains granular material consistent with feces. Multiple, variably sized, irregularly shaped, smoothly marginated mineral opaque structures are present within the urinary bladder, completely filling the lumen of the bladder. Two large, oval calculi are predominate at the cranial and caudal aspects of the bladder. The extra-abdominal structures, including what can be seen of the caudal thorax, are unremarkable.


Multiple urinary calculi completely filling the urinary bladder lumen.

Next Steps

Due to the size and number of the calculi, surgical removal should be considered.


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